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Grizzly Salmon Plus

Grizzly Salmon Plus

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Grizzly Salmon Plus is a premium and natural food supplement for dogs and cats, obtained from wild and sustainably caught Alaskan salmon and pollock. The high-quality oil contains a balanced blend of Omega fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that supports your pet's health.

  • High quality and natural food supplement for dogs and cats
  • Obtained from sustainable and wild-caught Alaskan salmon and pollock
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
  • For a strong immune system
  • For healthy skin and shiny coat

Choose wild

Grizzly uses only wild-caught fish from Alaska: fish that have spent their entire lives foraging on a native, nutrient-rich diet. The result is a natural oil with a much higher Omega-3 content than oil from farmed fish, which also makes Grizzly economical in use.


Quality & Sustainability

The oils in Grizzly Salmon Plus are obtained human-grade fish and are therefore of very high quality. By extracting the oil from fish already caught for human consumption, there’s no fish caught to produce Grizzly Salmon Plus. This makes Grizzly Salmon Plus both a high quality and sustainable choice.



The multilingual packaging of Grizzly Salmon Plus lists clear instructions for use tailored to the weight of the pet. The languages available on the label are: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.


Suggested use

Add Grizzly Salmon Plus to the food of your dog or cat in an amount according to the table on the packaging. Protect the packaging from heat, light and moisture. For best results, consume within 90 days after opening.



Ingredients: wild fish oil (50% wild salmon oil, 50% wild pollock oil), antioxidant E306 (tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin).
Analytical constituents per kg: crude protein 0g, crude fibre 0g, crude oils and fats 999g, crude ash 0g, vitamin A 10-30mg, vitamin D 0.5-3mg, vitamin E 100-125mg.
Essential fatty acids per pump (3.5ml): Omega-3 fatty acids 29% (of which DHA 11% and EPA 10%), Omega-6 3%.


CodeEAN codeItemMaster Carton
6871693804806123Grizzly Salmon Plus 125ml12
6872693804806000Grizzly Salmon Plus 250ml12
6873693804806031Grizzly Salmon Plus 500ml6
6874693804806062Grizzly Salmon Plus 1000ml4
6875693804806093Grizzly Salmon Plus 2000ml4
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