Tasty Sustainability: Explore Beco's New Snack Line!

Beco has expanded its assortment with the snacks category. These unique and sustainable treats align perfectly with Beco's values. The Beco snacks are available in three different flavors, each with their own unique characteristics. Whether it's an Energy boost (Peanut), a high dose of protein (Cashew), or a relaxed moment (Dog Choc), Beco has developed a special recipe. All cookies are softly baked in an oven using renewable energy. The recipes are rich in plant-based proteins and tasty ingredients. The packaging is fully compostable and designed for easy portability due to its compact size.

District 70 NUZZLE Dog Bed
The NUZZLE Sofa dog bed isn't confined to home use—it's also an excellent choice for customers who love traveling with their pets. The bed fits easily on most backseats or in the roomy trunk of a car, making car journeys a breeze. Additionally, its lightweight design ensures effortless transportation, providing comfort for both the pet and its owner.
  • Sturdy edges offers great support
  • Anti-slip rubbers to prevent sliding off the sofa
  • Removable cover and machine washable at 30 degrees
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