District 70

All cat and dog owners know that their furry friends spend a large portion of their time in their favorite spot. District 70 is inspired by the fact that cats and dogs spend approximately 70% of their time in the same place - or as we would like to call it - their district. We provide these sleepy dogs and cats with a comfortable district to rest in!

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Stylish Dining for Dogs and Cats


The BAMBOO food bowls blend functionality with aesthetics, seamlessly fitting into any interior. The non-slip bottom ensures the bowl stays in place. The matching silicone placemat SERVE protects the floor and serves as a perfect complement to the food bowls. Both products are available in the colors merengue, dark gray, and ice blue.

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A Functional Crate Concept


The District 70 CRATE concept is designed to provide dogs and puppies with a seamless transition to their new home. It creates a warm welcome for the new four-legged companion, emphasizing functionality, comfort, and style.

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