Whether it’s warm or cold, raining or sleeting or the wind is blowing in gusts, owners won’t skip their dog’s daily walk. That’s why Rukka products are made to protect dogs in every weather. We have the best expertise to do just that. Rukka has been a leader in the field of protective clothing for decades. The extreme northern climate doesn’t only test people, but pets too. This is the incentive that drove us to create all-weather products for dogs, as well. Rukka Pets uses high-quality materials that have been tested by humans. We choose the best fabrics and technical features from Rukka sport clothes and adapt them to the pets’ clothing line. In the design process, the focus lies on practicality and comfort, as functionality and quality are things we never compromise on.

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Protect pups from rain and mud


Every dog owner understands the importance of taking walks regardless of the weather, and in inclement conditions, unprotected fur can become really muddy. Rukka places special emphasis on water-resistance: we meticulously select materials, apply a water-resistant surface coating, and pay attention to even the tiniest details in design. Did you know that most of our dog raincoats and overalls feature fully taped seams to prevent water from seeping in?

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Rukka Training


The Rukka training vests and aprons, meticulously crafted with the needs of enthusiastic hobbyists and professionals in mind. Designed to be both durable and practical, the materials used in Rukka training products are ideal for active sports usage as well as everyday training. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or an avid pet owner, the collection offers the perfect balance of functionality and style for all training needs.

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