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Almo Nature Benefit S.p.A. produces a range of dog and cat food using high quality natural ingredients that are carefully selected to ensure optimal animal health. All revenues from Almo Nature sales, deducted costs and taxes, are allocated to activities carried out by Fondazione Capellino to work towards its mission, without recourse to donations or external financing. We call it Reintegration Economy. A new economic model, in which the ownership of a company and 100% of its revenues are allocated to activities benefitting all living species and our shared home, Planet Earth.

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Made with premium ingredients


Almo Nature's HFC wet food is made with ingredients originally suitable for human consumption but now used as nourishment for cats. It's as if the owner has personally chosen the meat or fish. The HFC recipes exclude any meal or animal dehydrated by-products. The HFC wet food aids in ensuring cats receive an adequate daily intake of moisture. Sufficient hydration is crucial for keeping cats well-hydrated. The broth in the product serves as a nutrient-rich source and provides cats with natural hydration.

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A natural scent and taste


It is important for a dog to vary its diet in order to obtain different nutrients through various protein sources. The HFC wet food offers a diverse range of recipes, many of which feature single proteins. They come in trays and cans of various sizes, ranging from 85 to 290 g. The recipes of HFC wet food are 100% natural. They are prepared without any flavor enhancers to preserve the natural taste and satisfy the sense of smell.

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