Since 2009, we've been on a mission to make the best possible products for dogs and cats whilst reducing their environmental impact. Pets are family and consequently deserve the best. We’ve prioritised using the finest materials and ingredients to make products that your pets will love. Whilst we continue searching for better ways to make your pet's future favourites, we offset our carbon emissions and donate 1% of sales to projects restoring and preserving the natural world.

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Delicious and Eco-Friendly


The Beco snacks come in three distinct flavors, each with their own unique qualities. Whether it's an Energy boost (Peanut), a high protein dose (Cashew), or a moment of relaxation (Dog Choc), Beco has crafted a special recipe for each one. All the biscuits are softly baked in an oven powered by renewable energy. The recipes are packed with plant-based proteins and delicious ingredients. The packaging is proven to be compostable and easy to carry due to its compact size.

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Large, strong and leak-proof


Beco's poop bags are available in three different varieties: Unscented, Scented, and Compostable. The Unscented and Scented are made from 100% recycled materials. As there is already an abundance of plastic on our planet, recycling offers a chance for waste to have a second life rather than contributing to more pollution. The Compostable poop bags are crafted from renewable and plant-based cornstarch and can easily decompose in a well-managed home composting system.

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