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Beco Poop Bags Recycled - Unscented

Beco Poop Bags Recycled - Unscented


The Beco poop bags are big, strong and leak-proof. Coming in at 22.5 x 33cm they are extra long and thick to protect your hands. You can rely on Beco to clean up quickly, easily and hygienically. Made using post-consumer recycled material, every roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core and fits in standard dispensers.

  • Big, strong & leak-proof
  • Extra thick
  • Made using 100% recycled materials
  • Recycled packaging & cardboard core
  • CO2 neutral production

Adventure ready

The rolls fit neatly into regular dispensers, the bags separate smoothly and the stickers peel off easily. Anywhere, anytime, you can trust these bags to quickly and easily clean up, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Why choose recycled?

Recycling gives waste plastic a second life, has a 86% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic and is 44% more energy efficient to manufacture.

Product care

Store in a cool dry place, out of reach for pets and children

Disposing of your pets’ waste responsibly

We all have a responsibility to clean up after our dogs. When choosing which poop bag to use, it comes down to how you dispose of your dog’s waste. Available in scented or unscented, our recycled bags are a great option for those who dispose of their dog’s poop in park bins or general waste. If you dispose of your dog’s waste in a well-managed, contained home compost system, making compost for non-edible plants, we recommend our home compostable bags.

About Beco

We work to have a big (and positive) impact on pets' lives, with as little impact on the planet as possible. It's a journey of continuous improvement. Whilst we continue searching for new and better ways to bring your dog joy, we offset our carbon footprint and support environmental action. We're proud to join a network of businesses making positive change through 1% for the Planet, Climate Neutral and B Corp.

Available in 3 different packages:

  • Travel pack # 60 bags
  • Multi pack # 120 bags
  • Value pack # 270 bags
  • Jumbo pack # 540 bags


Did you know that every day 17 million poops are deposited by Great British dogs? That lots of poop and lots of plastic poop bags going to landfill and eventually ending up in our oceans.
Beco Bags are big and strong so they help to prevent any nasty 'hand through bag' incidents, as well as naturally breaking down once disposed of.

CodeEAN codeItemMaster Carton
15065060189750955Beco Poop Bags  - Travel Pack 60 (4x15)24
50095060189751945Beco Poop Bags  - Multi Pack 120 (8x15)24
50105060189751969Beco Poop Bags  - Value Pack 270 (18x15)12
66055060189755592Beco Poop Bags  - Jumbo Pack 540 (36x15)6
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