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Beco Ball with Rope

Beco Ball with Rope

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Beco has a fresh new look, Beco 2.0. Beco Pets becomes simply Beco. To minimise waste, we'll continue to use packaging with the previous branding until it's all gone. It is possible that you will receive products in their original wrapping as well as the new Beco 2.0 wrappings. The change will be gradually.


Providing your dog with fun for hours on end, the Beco Ball on rope is made from natural rubber and cotton. Our natural rubber is extra strong and durable making it great for chewers, as well as the rope allowing the ball on rope to be great toy for playing fetch too, as the rope allows you to get the extra bit of distance! The natural nature of our materials also means all our toys, not just the ball on rope, are toxin free so you know your dog isn’t chewing on any nasty chemicals.

  • Ball made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres
  • Rope made from 100% natural cotton
  • Great for combining fetch and tug of war
  • Toxin free
  • 3 different vibrant colours
  • 2 different sizes
  • Extra strong and durable

CodeEAN codeItemMaster Carton
12265060189751310Beco Ball with Rope Small Blue36
12275060189751327Beco Ball with Rope Small Pink36
12285060189751334Beco Ball with Rope Small Green36
12295060189750870Beco Ball with Rope Large Blue36
12305060189750894Beco Ball with Rope Large Pink24
12315060189750900Beco Ball with Rope Large Green24
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