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Imby Plant-based Dry Food - Adult

Imby Plant-based Dry Food - Adult

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A delicious meal of CO2-neutral dog food every day? Time has come! This recipe based on natural ingredients is made with insect powder from the larvae of mealworms. It’s bursting with nutritious proteins and contains naked oats, sweet potatoes and rice. But that’s not all. We also add fruit and vegetables with antioxidant properties. Thanks to our peas, broccoli, blueberries, cranberries and spinach, your four-legged friend will stay in better shape than Popeye!

  • Tailored to the nutritional needs of the senior dog
  • Complete & hypoallergenic
  • With oven-baked kibble, for high acceptance
  • Imby operates completely CO2 neutral
  • Locally produced
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Hypoallergenic & complete

Imby's Insect-based dry food is complete and hypoallergenic dry food for dogs of 7 years and older. The recipe contains easily digestable proteins, an increased fibre content and is lower in calories. Animal proteins are the main cause of food intolerances in dogs and insect protein is a perfect substitute: it’s hypoallergenic and contains all 10 essential amino acids a dog needs, with an extremely high protein content of 70% (by comparison, chicken breast is around 25%). In addition, it has a high digestibility, making it a kind choice for your dogs’ belly.


Oven-baked kibble

The recipe of Imby's insect-based dry food is wonderfully varied with a mix of three different types of kibble, each with its own recipe and flavour. One is prepared with olive oil, oregano and thyme and baked in the oven at low temperature. This ensures an irresistible taste, resulting in a very high acceptance.


CO2 neutral

Imby is the first pet food brand that operates completely CO2 neutral! They do so by making the right choices in terms of ingredients, preparation, packaging and distribution. Imby compensates the minimal remaining emissions through 'carbon offsetting' and by planting trees in local communities. In this way, they invest in new forests in Belgium and the Netherlands, which help protect the climate and preserve biodiversity.


Produced locally

By producing in Belgium and the Netherlands, Imby limits transport emissions. Moreover, they also find it important to support the local society and create new jobs.


100% recyclable packaging

Imby's packaging consists of mono plastic: this is 100% recyclable and fully circular. Some dog food brands sell their food in paper bags. This may look traditional and sustainable, but often contains a plastic layer on the inside which makes these bags impossible to recycle. Mono plastic is therefore much more sustainable.



At Imby, quality, health and sustainability are at the heart of carefully crafted and delicious recipes to spoil your dog.



Nakes oats, sweet potatoes, white rice, green peas, maize gluten, pea protein, dried pumpkin (5%), olive oil, canola oil, dried beet pulp, minerals, dried brewer's yeast, potato protein, yeast extract, dried chicory, MOS (mannan - oligosaccharides), dried thyme (0,1%), dried marjoram (0,1%), dried oregano (0,1%), dried parsley (0,1%), dried sage (0,1%), dried stinging nettle (0,1%), driede broccoli (0,05%), dried spinach (0,05%), dried tomatoes (0,05%), dried cranberries (0,05%), dried blueberries (0,05%), glucosamine hydrochloride (0,01%), chondroitin sulphate (0,01%). 


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Type of AnimalDog
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Age of animalSenior
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