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Imby Functional Snacks - Bite & Breath - 100gram

Imby Functional Snacks - Bite & Breath - 100gram

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Treat your dog to a small nibble every morning - limited in size and calories - for a fresh start and equally fresh breath. In addition to fresh mint, parsley protects gums and strengthens your dogs’ teeth. The ribbed shape helps to remove plaque. Because of a 100% plant based recipe, Imby reduces CO2 emissions for a cleaner world.

  • 100% plant based snack (vegan)
  • Supports oral hygiene and helps keep teeth healthy
  • Mint and parsley give your dog a fresh breath
  • One bag contains at least 40 biscuits

And further:

  • Imby operates completely CO2 neutral
  • Locally produced
  • 100% recyclable packaging

No meat or fish

100% vegan: no intensive farming or fishing, but sustainably grown, vegetable ingredients. Less CO2, more love for the planet.

CO2 neutral

Imby is the first pet food brand that operates completely CO2 neutral! They do so by making the right choices in terms of ingredients, preparation, packaging and distribution. Imby compensates the minimal remaining emissions through 'carbon offsetting' and by planting trees in local communities. By doing so, they invest in new forests in Belgium and the Netherlands, which help protect the climate and preserve biodiversity.

Produced locally

By producing in Belgium and the Netherlands, Imby limits transport emissions. In addition, they find it important to support the local society and create new jobs here.

100% recyclable packaging

Imby's packaging consists of mono plastic: this is 100% recyclable and fully circular. Some dog food brands sell their food in paper bags. This may look traditional and sustainable, but it often contains a plastic layer on the inside which makes these bags impossible to recycle. Mono plastic is therefore much more sustainable.


At Imby, quality, health and sustainability are at the heart of carefully crafted and delicious recipes to spoil your dog.


derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, mint (2%), parsley (2%), minerals (including 0.6% sodium hexametaphosphate), yeasts.

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