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Review Almo Nature Dog HFC Wet Food - Natural 24 x 95g
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Almo Nature

Almo Nature Dog HFC Wet Food - Natural 24 x 95g

Almo Nature Dog HFC Wet Food - Natural 24 x 95g

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All Almo Nature HFC dog food is prepared with 100% HFC ingredients originally fit for human consumption. Almo Nature HFC is prepared with the best white meat, red meat, fish, cheese, ham, vegetables and rice preserved in their own cooking broth in order to preserve all micronutrients. 


  • Complementary food for adult dogs
  • 100% HFC: Meat and fish originally fit for human consumption and now used in this food for cats or dogs
  • High Quality Protein: Food with high quality protein is crucial for fueling different processes in the body
CodeAlmo Nature CodeEANTaste
223455478001154124279Veal with Ham 24 x 95g
223655718001154125221Chicken with Carrots and Rice 24 x 95g
223555708001154125214Beef with Potatoes and Peas 24 x 95g
223255458001154124255Beef with Ham
223355468001154124262Veal 24 x 95g
222555008001154120769Chicken Fillet 24 x 95g
222655378001154125153Chicken Drumstick 24 x 95g
578854808001154000641Made in Italy - Bresaola  24 x 95g
585853708001154000719Made in Italy - YellowFin Tuna 24 x 95g
578954818001154000658Made in Italy - Grilled Chicken 24 x 95g
579054828001154000665Made in Italy - Ham with Bresaola 24 x 95g
579154838001154000672Made in Italy - Ham with Parmigiano 24 x 95g
223155448001154124248Beef 24 x 95g
223055038001154120790Skipjack Tuna and Cod 24 x 95g
222955428001154124231Tuna and Chicken 24 x 95g
635955488001154127690Salmon Fillet with Thyme and Dill 24 x 95g
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Article code5789
Beschikbaarheid Op voorraad
BrandAlmo Nature
Type of AnimalDog
Type of animal foodWet food
Special needRegular food
Age of animalAll ages
Nutritional adviceAdult dog 6kg: 95g wet food + 75g dry food Adult dog 12kg: 140g wet food + 140g dry food