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Kurgo - Go Shower Bag 6L

Kurgo - Go Shower Bag 6L

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The Go Shower Bag says what it is: a serious shower for when you’re on the go, and your dog is seriously dirty. Its 6-liter capacity means over two minutes of scrub time, and its adjustable strap makes it easy to hang the bag from your car door, a tree limb, or whatever’s handy. Packs small, carries light, and keeps it clean.

- Bladder capacity: 6L.
- Shower lasts a little over 2 minutes with non-stop stream.
- Pull shower head nozzle out to use, push in to stop.
- Lightweight and rolls up for storage
- Bladder can be removed and set in the sun for heating
- Outerbag is machine washable.

The bladder is PVC and therefore should never be used to provide drinking water for your dog. Always remember to test the water temperature prior to using it on your dog.

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