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Kitty Roll Kicker Track Brn

Kitty Roll Kicker Track Brn

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This cat kicker toy is a real treat! The Kitty Kix Kicker Track address your cats’ urge to “bunny-kick,” push and play. To keep the fun rolling, we added a ball track, filled with catnip for even more playtime fun.

  • CONTAINS CATNIP: The Kitty Kix Kicker by Petstages was made for fun and contains catnip to help keep kitty engaged and entertained while she plays!
  • HUG, KICK & WRESTLE: Great for active kitties, the Kitty Kix Kicker is the ideal size for your cat to hug, kick and wrestle.
  • BUILT IN BALL: It’s like 2 toys in 1! This kicker cat toy also contains a track ball that rolls back and forth encouraging batting and playing exercise.

Product Specs

  • Ball & track for chasing and batting
  • Catnip included for added engagement
  • Perfect size to hug, kick & wrestle
  • Interactive play
  • Crinkle sounds in kicker mimic natural sounds cats love
  • Features feathers for more play and batting
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