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District 70

District 70 SPY

District 70 SPY


Imagine spending your days indoors when you are built to hunt. Of course, sleeping most of the day is nice, but what about those active hours when your cat is awake? Unlike outdoor cats, indoor cats have limited entertainment and exercise options. To replace the interesting things they would have found outside, the SPY toy is created which is designed for interactive play. Not only will this SPY teach your cat that it should not scratch your furniture, it also keeps him entertained for hours!

Multifunctional toy
This fun piece of cardboard actually combines two products: a useful scratch pad to help your cat keep its claws in good condition and an intelligence toy which your cat can play with. The cardboard scratching area on top allows your cat to groom its claws on a texture that he will find enticing. Holes in the top and sides provide multi-level access to the ball. The ball features a bell to keep your cat's attention all the time. Your cat would love to stick its paws into the holes of the SPY and the ball will be endlessly fascinating!

Indoor exercise
Not only will your cat be entertained for an endless amount of time, interactive toys like the SPY will also provide the necessary exercise to maintain your cat's health and vitality and prevent boredom. It is also a great choice for working cat parents, as it keeps your cat occupied when you are away.

Perfect gift for cats
Looking for the perfect gift for your cat? Look no further as the SPY doubles as a gift for you too. Your cat gets a fun new scratching toy and you get to save your furniture from claw damage. That sounds like a win-win to us! It might be great entertainment for your cat's birthday, holidays or caturdays as well. Made from durable materials, this product is built to provide your feline friends with years of fun.

  • A great addition to any cat-loving household
  • Includes a corrugated cardboard scratch pad in the centre
  • Paw-sized openings perfect for chasing the ball
  • Ideal gift for any cat and its owner
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 6 cm
  • Available in two colours: black & white
  • Available in various shapes
CodeEAN codeItemMaster Carton
51178717202613762District 70 SPY White10
51188717202613779District 70 SPY Black10
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Article code5118
BeschikbaarheidNiet op voorraad
BrandDistrict 70
Type of AnimalCat
MaterialCorrugated cardboard
Age of animalAll ages
Product width (in cm)35
Product length (in cm)35
Product height (in cm)6
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