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22 april 2024

Protection and comfort for all dog paws

As experts in pet care, you undoubtedly understand the importance of providing the best equipment for our beloved four-legged friends. In this article, we want to draw attention to an essential accessory: Rukka dog shoes. Designed with the well-being and needs of dogs in mind, these shoes offer protection, comfort, and style for every four-legged friend.

Why Dog Shoes?

Wearing dog shoes can offer numerous benefits, depending on the situation and the individual needs of the dog. Here are some reasons why it can be important to put on dog shoes:

  1. Protection against extreme temperatures: Dog shoes can protect dogs' paws from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold surfaces. On hot summer days, they can provide protection against hot asphalt or sand, while in winter, they offer insulation against frozen ground or ice.
  2. Protection against sharp objects: On trails or terrains with sharp objects such as stones, shells, or glass, dog shoes can protect dogs' paws from cuts, scrapes, or splinters.
  3. Enhanced traction: Dog shoes with non-slip soles can provide extra traction on slippery or slick surfaces, allowing dogs to walk, run, and play safely without slipping.
  4. Protection against chemicals: In urban environments, dog shoes can offer protection against chemicals like road salt, which can cause irritation to the paws upon contact.
  5. Caring for injuries or sensitive paws: Dog shoes can be useful in caring for paw injuries or for dogs with sensitive paws due to allergies or other skin conditions. They provide a protective layer and reduce direct contact with irritants.

When to Use Dog Shoes?

Situations where it can be useful to put on dog shoes include walks on hot summer days, hikes on rough terrain, walks in urban environments with potentially hazardous substances on the ground, and during winter sports activities. It's important to consider the individual needs of the dog and the specific circumstances of each situation when deciding if wearing dog shoes is necessary.

Rukka Step Shoes

Rukka Dog Shoes: Options and Features

The Rukka dog shoes in our range are designed with the well-being and needs of the dog in mind. Let's delve deeper into the different options: the Rukka Sock Shoes, Rukka Light Path Shoes, and Rukka Step Shoes.

Rukka Sock Shoes: Protection and Comfort with Every Step

Rukka Sock Shoes are not just socks for the dog; they provide comfort and protection, both indoors and outdoors. The unique design envelops the dog's paws like a protective layer against rough weather conditions and surfaces. The soft and breathable material ensures the sock shoes feel comfortable and do not hinder the dog's movement. These lightweight socks are ideal for wearing indoors when the dog struggles to walk on a slippery floor. Here are some features:

  • Protection and traction: The rubber-coated sole provides perfect grip on smooth indoor floors and protects against dirt and moisture during outdoor adventures.
  • Easy to put on: The Rukka Sock Shoes are quick and easy to put on as they simply slip on like a sock. The Velcro closure ensures the shoe stays securely in place.
  • Reflective details: For added safety, the Rukka Sock Shoes feature reflective details, making the dog more visible in low light.

Rukka Light Path Shoes: Lightweight Protection for Summer Adventures

Summer heat can be tough on dogs' paws, but with Rukka Light Path Shoes, they can stay comfortable even on hot pavement. These lightweight dog shoes are perfect for warm days. Some features include:

  • Breathable and quick-drying: The lightweight mesh material allows the dog's paws to breathe and stay dry even during strenuous activities.
  • Easy Velcro closure: The sturdy Velcro closure ensures the shoes stay in place even during higher intensity activities.
  • Note: While perfect for summer walks, Light Path Shoes do not provide grip on slippery ice or snow surfaces.

Rukka Step Shoes: Stylish Protection for Urban Adventures

For dogs who enjoy stylish walks in the city, there are Rukka Step Shoes. These shoes offer protection against cold, mud, and rough gravel, while also looking fashionable. Some features include:

  • Stylish design: With trendy ripstop material and reflective details, the Step Shoes are not only functional but also stylish.
  • Easy to put on: With a front zipper and Velcro closure, the shoes are quick and easy to put on.
  • Note: While these shoes are perfect for urban adventures, Step Shoes do not provide extra grip on slippery ice or snow.

Rukka shoe size

What Size Dog Shoe?

Use a tape measure to measure the width and length of the dog's paws. Measure the width at the widest part of the paw and the length from the foot to the nail. If this is not possible, trace the outline of the paw on a piece of paper with a pen. Look in the size chart of the dog shoes and compare the measured dimensions of the dog's paws with the recommended size in the chart.

In addition to finding the right size based on measurements, it's also important to consider the fit and comfort of the shoes. Ensure the shoes are not too tight, which can cause discomfort, but also not too loose, as they may slip off during activities. If the dog shoes have a closure, such as Velcro or a zipper, make sure it is securely fastened but not too tight. This helps keep the shoes in place during wear.

Regardless of the dog's needs or preferences, Rukka has the perfect dog shoes for every situation. As pet store employees, you can advise customers on the best choices for their furry friends, so they can enjoy safe and comfortable adventures together, wherever they go!

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