Effective method against ticks

With the arrival of warmer weather, ticks and other parasites become more active, increasing the likelihood of pets getting tick bites. The demand for methods to repel ticks, fleas, and lice increases during this period. Tickless can then be recommended as an effective method to owners of dogs and cats.

From the moment the sun starts shining in spring, it is advisable to always do a tick check after every visit to forests, heathlands, or dunes. However, these spider-like parasites can also occur in parks, playgrounds, and gardens. A tick is mainly found behind the ears, around the head, under the armpit, or in the groin area of ​​the dog or cat.

How does Tickless work?

Tickless can be attached to the pet's collar and disrupts ticks and fleas without emitting chemicals or odors. The device emits sound waves that are imperceptible to humans or animals. These sound waves disrupt ticks and fleas, causing them to become disoriented and stay away from the pet. Although it is possible that a tick may still be in the pet's fur, it will no longer attach to the skin due to the disruption. This makes it easier to remove the tick.

Tickless is safe to use for all pets, including young, old, sick, or pregnant animals, and can be combined with other tick repellent products for optimal protection.

What is the difference between Tickless Mini and Tickless Pet?

All Tickless devices work with the same ultrasonic technology. The difference lies in their recording mode, range, duration of operation, and other features. Tickless Pet has a range of 1.5 meters and provides permanent protection for at least 6 months. The product can be attached to the collar or harness. Tickless Mini Dog and Tickless Mini Cat are rechargeable and can last for years. The range is 2.5 meters and operates continuously for up to 20 days on a single charge and has a night light function.

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