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Poop Bags Compostable - Handles (96)

Poop Bags Compostable - Handles (96)


These compostable dog waste bags with handles are large, sturdy, 100% compostable, and feature convenient handles for easy tying. They protect hands and are suitable for handling waste of any size. Produced in a CO2-neutral manner and packaged in recycled material. The best place to dispose of these bags is in a well-managed home compost heap, exclusively for non-edible plants.

These bags are not on a roll but come individually dispensed from the box (like a tissue box) and are therefore not suitable for a waste bag dispenser.

  • Large & strong
  • Tieable handles
  • Unscented
  • Recycled packaging
  • TUV Home Compostable certified
  • CO2-neutral production
  • Made from 30% Cornstarch, 70% PBAT (the ingredient that makes the bags compostable)
  • Bag dimensions: 20 x 33 cm
  • Box dimensions: 6.3 x 13 x 6.5 cm

Easy to Tie

We designed these dog waste bags with handles for quick, easy, and clean closure.

Leaves No Trace

The Beco compostable poop bags are made from cornstarch, a plant-based material, and PBAT. When discarded in a well-managed compost heap, the bags will completely break down into the natural elements from which they originally began their starchy life, leaving no trace behind.

Sustainable Packaging

The packaging for these compostable dog waste bags is made from recycled cardboard, with environmentally friendly printing using vegetable ink.

Storage Advice

Store in a cool and dry place, out of reach of pets and children.

Responsible Disposal of Dog Waste

We all have a responsibility to clean up after our dogs. The choice of the bag you use comes down to how you dispose of your dog's waste. Beco's recycled poop bags are available in scented and unscented variants and are an excellent option for those who deposit their dog's waste in public trash cans or with regular waste. If you dispose of your dog's waste in your own well-managed home compost heap and create compost for non-edible plants, we recommend the compostable bags.


The compostable poop bags from Beco Bags can be added to a compost heap, provided that the resulting compost is not used in a vegetable garden, herb beds, or near fruit trees intended for consumption. If the dog is treated with medications, dewormers, or flea control products, the feces must not be deposited in the compost heap. If no compost heap is available, the poop bags can be thrown into the special dog waste bin or with regular waste, but never in the organic waste bin.

About Beco

Beco aims to make the biggest positive difference in the lives of our pets with the smallest possible impact on the planet. A journey of continuous improvement. While Beco continues to look for new and better ways to bring joy to our pets, they offset their carbon footprint and support environmental initiatives. Beco is proud to be part of a business network that makes a positive difference through '1% for the planet,' 'Climate Neutral,' and 'B Corp.'

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