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Spot Silver Vine Teaser Wand Toy Assorted

Spot Silver Vine Teaser Wand Toy Assorted

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Silver Vine, also known as Matatabi, is an all-natural product with a stimulating effect on cats. The effect is similar to that of catnip, but more effective. The Spot Silver Vine Cat Toys are made of a combination of Silver Vine with other natural materials, and results in an irresistible toy for your cat.

  • Natural cat toys
  • Irresistible Silver Vine
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Each item comes in an assortment of 3 variants

Silver Vine, better than catnip

Silver Vine comes from the Actinidia polygama: a plant from the kiwi family that grows in the mountains of China and Japan. In these countries, Silver Vine has long been known for the euphoric reaction it evokes in cats, much like catnip. However, it has the added benefit of appealing to more cats. Research also shows that 75% of cats that do not respond to catnip do respond to Silver Vine, making Silver Vine an excellent choice for your cats.

Natural materials

The Spot Silver Vine Wand Cat Toys are perfect for playing together with your cat. The Wands are made with natural materials, such as feathers, natural rope and of course Silver Vine. This makes for an irresistible toy and hours of fun.

Assorted & Sizes

The Spot Silver Vine Wand Cat Toys come in an assortment of three different varieties. Due to the use of natural materials, the size varies per item and delivery. The size below is therefore only an indication:

  • Total length: ± 80 cm (of which 26 cm handle stick)


Spot is an American brand, which has been developing quality products for dogs and cats since its’ establishment in 1952. They focus on high consumer value, without losing sight of quality, innovation, safety, honesty and humanity.

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