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Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat

Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat

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Scruffs® Thermal Dog Jacket provides warmth to your dog’s muscles on those brisk morning walks. A soft shell exterior gives excellent protection against wind and rain, while retaining its breathable qualities.

Our reflective technology lining improves the dog jackets thermal properties, without the use of hollow fibre or synthetic down associated with conventional jackets. This means the jacket is lighter and less restrictive to wear, resulting in improved movement and agility.


  • Reflective technology lining, helps to retain dogs body heat
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Light-weight design provides more comfort and greater movement than a conventional thermal jacket
  • Micro-fleece turtleneck collar and chest pad for enhanced comfort and fit
  • Reflective piping and logo to aid visibility at night
  • Girth adjustment
  • Hind leg straps
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 9 sizes
CodeEAN codeItemMaster Carton
37095060319938338Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Black L 55cm24
37085060319938321Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Black M 50cm24
37075060319938314Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Black S 45cm24
37115060319938352Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Black XXL 65cm24
37025060319938260Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Burgundy XXL 65cm24
36815060319937683Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Cajun Grey M 50cm24
36795060319937669Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Cajun Grey XS 40cm24
36845060319937713Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Cajun Grey XXL 65cm24
36905060319937799Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Cajun Purple M 50cm24
36935060319937829Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Cajun Purple XXL 65cm24
37185060319938420Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate L 55cm24
37175060319938413Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate M 50cm24
37165060319938406Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate S 45cm24
37195060319938437Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate XL 60cm24
37155060319938390Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate XS 40cm24
37205060319938444Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate XXL 65cm24
37145060319938383Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate XXS 36cm24
37215060319938451Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate XXXL 70cm24
37135060319938376Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Chocolate XXXS 30cm24
31925060319936129Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Navy Blue L 55cm24
31915060319936112Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Navy Blue M 50cm24
31905060319936105Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Navy Blue S 45cm24
31935060319936136Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Navy Blue XL 60cm24
31945060319936143Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Navy Blue XXL 65cm24
31955060319936150Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Navy Blue XXXL 70cm24
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