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Scruffs Cooling Mat

Scruffs Cooling Mat

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The Scruffs Cool Mat helps your pet stay cool on hot days and prevent heat stress. It’s self-cooling and – very important – filled with a safe, non-toxic gel. Use the Scruffs Cool Mat on the floor, in a bed or carrier. It’s easy to clean with a cloth and water.

The self-cooling gel in the Scruffs Cool Mat ensures that the mat is always 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. When in use, the mat stays cool for about an hour. By simply leaving it unused for an hour, it resets it’s cooling properties. There’s no need to freeze or refrigerate.

Unlike many other cooling mats, the Scruffs Cool Mat is filled with a safe and non-toxic gel. A comforting idea, in case your pet mistook the mat for a chew toy.

- Cools your pet on hot days
- Self-cooling, no refrigerator or freezer needed
- Filled with a safe, non-toxic gel
- The mat is 5-10 degrees cooler than ambient temperature
- Available in two colours and four sizes


  • S: 40 X 50 CM
  • M: 77 X 62 CM
  • L: 92 X 69 CM
  • XL: 120 X 75 CM
CodeEAN codeItemMaster Carton
27155060319936167Scruffs Cooling Mat Blue S6
19705060319934606Scruffs Cooling Mat Blue M4
19715060319934613Scruffs Cooling Mat Blue L4
19725060319934620Scruffs Cooling Mat Blue XL2
27165060328820006Scruffs Cooling Mat Grey S6
27175060328820013Scruffs Cooling Mat Grey M4
27185060328820020Scruffs Cooling Mat Grey L4
27195060328820037Scruffs Cooling Mat Grey XL2
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