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Nothin' To Hide

Nothin' To Hide Twist Stix

Nothin' To Hide Twist Stix

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Nothin' To Hide is an innovative alternative for rawhide snacks that's collagen-based and highly digestible.

  • Premium quality, collagen-based dog chews
  • 96.7% digestibility rating vs. traditional rawhide chews (40-50%)
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Benefits coat & skin
  • 100% natural
  • Produced in Brazil
  • Available in various variants, in the flavor Chicken or Beef

Concerns about rawhide

Rawhide chews are a popular dog snack worldwide. However, dog owners are increasingly looking for an alternative, due to concerns about (chemical) processing, low digestibility and the possible risks of choking and blockage. In the United States, Petco, one of the largest pet store chains (1500 stores) in the country, even decided to stop selling rawhide in early 2021.


The dog chews from Nothin' to Hide are based on collagen. This is obtained from the connective tissue of cattle and processed into a fine powder. For the Nothin' to Hide snacks, the powder is hydrated and formed, after which the snacks are baked in the oven. The snacks are then coated in chicken or beef for a delicious taste, resulting in a very high acceptance.


The patented production process uses pure collagen, of a quality suitable for human consumption. Collagen has many health benefits and is currently also popular as a nutritional supplement for people in the cosmetic industry (healthy skin, hair and nails) and sports industry (muscle building and recovery). Proven benefits of collagen for animals include: reduction of joint pain, improved digestion, improved condition of skin and coat. In addition, it stimulates muscle building.


Despite the fact that the dog chews from Nothin' To Hide are made of collagen, you will not find it in the list of ingredients. That's because it’s a new ingredient, which has not yet been officially classified by the American AFFCO – the country where NTH was developed. Until that happens, the ingredient is listed as "beef gelatin" in the list of ingredients.

Collagen and gelatin, however, are prepared and used in two very different ways to make dog snacks, resulting in very different properties. Gelatin is created when collagen is heated or cooked, which completely changes its consistency and molecular structure. Once AFFCO has classified collagen as an ingredient, it will be updated in the list of ingredients.

Packaging in 7 languages

The packaging of Nothin' To Hide is in the languages English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese.


CodeBarcodeItemMC #
6684810002631467NTH Chicken Twist Stix 65g24
6689810002631542NTH Beef Twist Stix 65g24
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