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MS! Nest Cat Bed

MS! Nest Cat Bed

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As cats sleep for most of the day, we as their humans like to offer them a nice place to snooze. The MS! Duku Cat Nest is a multi-functional place for your cat, with a great design. The Cat Nest can be used in more than four different ways, And for the human: the MS! Duku Cat Nest is a real eyecatcher in your interior.


The MS! Duku Cat Nest can be used in more than four different ways. You can surprise your cat day after day with a new place, stimulate its curiosity and satisfy its need to explore.

King Mode: semi-sheltered and slightly elevated by the wooden legs.
Four Seasons Mode: on legs, but without the half hood; to be able to look around.
Retreat Mode: on the complimentary soft cushion, close to the ground with extra sheltering.
Cradle Mode: hanging with the supplied strap, to keep a close eye on all that's happening.

Multiple cats

The MS! Duku Cat Nest is also very suitable for multiple cats, as you can create two separate areas with just one nest: ""Four Seasons Mode"" and ""Retreat Mode"".

Cooling or heating: Four Seasons Mode

Keep your cat extra comfortable by filling the supplied hollow seat cushion with warm or cold water, depending on the season. This will keep your cat cool in summer or nice and warm in winter. The hollow seat cushion has a capacity of 2 litres.

The Cat nest includes

  • Cat nest with hollow seat cushion (can be filled with warm or cold water)
  • Soft cushion
  • Hanging straps


  • Dimensions (King Mode) 38,4 x 41,8 x 39,2 cm (HxWxD)
  • Dimensions (Retreat Mode) 35 x 29 cm (WxD)
  • Maximum carrying weight (Cradle mode) 10 kg
  • Weight: 2,6 kg

CodeBarcodeItem# Master Carton
65218720598800050MS! Cat Nest - white1
65228720598800067MS! Cat Nest - moss green1
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Article code6522
BeschikbaarheidNiet op voorraad
Product Size50 x 37,5 x 38 cm
Cat Entrance17 x 18 cm
MaterialRecycled ABS
ColourGrey, White, Pink
InclusionScoop with holder, Curtain
Max Supported Weight Litter Tray5 KG (All cat races except for Main Coon, Ragdoll and other large cat breeds)
Max Supported Weight on top of the Dome25 KG