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Greenfields Habitat Spray 400 ml

Greenfields Habitat Spray 400 ml

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The Habitat Spray is especially developed for the hygienic cleaning of animal ages. It removes ammonia odours and leaves a pleasant and fresh smell. The Habitat Spray ensures long-lasting freshness and can be used regularly to safeguard the health and welfare of your small pet.

Direction of use
Move your pet to a safe place. Clean out the cage and remove any built-up dirt with a brush. Wash the entire cage with water and wipe dry with a cloth. Spray Habitat Spray on the walls and floor of the cage. Rinsing is not necessary. Once the cage is dry, you can refill the straw bedding.

  • Developed to help freshen quarters of small pets
  • Ideal for hygienic cleaning
  • Provides instant freshness
  • Suitable for regular cleaning routine
  • Citronella scent defends against flies and other insects
  • Biodegradable
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