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Doc & Phoebe's

Doc & Phoebe's Twirly Bird Snacker

Doc & Phoebe's Twirly Bird Snacker

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Snack time? Turn this into a fun game with the Doc & Phoebe's Twirly Bird Snacker! This spinning puzzle toy satisfies your cat's hunting instincts, offering mental and physical challenge.

How does it work?
The Twirly Bird Snacker gives your cat two fun challenges: the bird must be turned to get out the treats or dry food. Next, your cat has to get the treats out of the underlying maze with its paws.

Leave the lid off the bird for the novice player. Does your cat have a taste for it? Put the lid back on the bird to make the game more difficult.

Suitable for the intermediate and advanced hunter.

Note: only intended for cats. Keep away from other animals and small children.

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