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Maelson Dry Box Black/Green

Maelson Dry Box Black/Green

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Multi-purpose, indoor pet food storage container with airtight sealing lid, to ensure your pet food always stays fresh and dry

  • Airtight moulded lid (DB 3 model)
  • Form fitted foam seal in the lid compartment (DB 7.5 | DB 15 | DB 20)
  • Ergonomically shaped carry handle with soft touch middle section (DB 3)
  • Recessed carrying grips (DB 7.5 | DB 15 | DB 20)
  • Built-in food scoop, with storage facility underneath the lid (DB 7.5 | DB 15 | DB 20)
  • Capacity of the food scoop is 350 ml
  • Locking front latch keeps pests and bugs out
  • Hinged lid opens wide for easier access when scooping out food, and allows to monitor at a glance the actual food level
  • Durable, impact resistant material
CodeBarcodeItem# Master Carton
31224260195041219Maelson Dry Box 3 Black/Green10
31234260195041172Maelson Dry Box 7.5 Black/Green10
31244260195040496Maelson Dry Box 15 Black/Green8
37794260195040830Maelson Dry Box 20 Black/Green8
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